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Whether it’s your 1st. or 50th year anniversary, our designer mens jewelry makes the ideal husband or lover anniversary.

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the Desirable Tungsten Wedding Jewelry

Today’s desirable men’s everyday and wedding watch is the tungsten jewelry. It is usually preferred by most men because this jewelry is strong and unique

The quality and style of a Tungsten Watch

Tungsten is known as a heavy stone and it is a steel gray metal which are used in the casings of watches for men. When it was founded they discovered its unique characteristics of complex and appealing physical properties. The Ideal Men’s Gift

Man Ideal Gift

Men’s watches with tungsten casings are hypoallergenic, scratch resistant and it is an all around watch which makes it ideal to be classified as cool and waterproof watches. When a tungsten carbide watch is crafted, it offers an exceptional and striking watch which is certainly the perfect gift to your friends and family during birthdays, anniversaries or even Thanksgiving Day. An Ideal man Gift!

Anniversary Jewelry

These timepieces with tungsten case can’t be compared to silver dial and can’t encompass other brands of metals. Tungsten watch is the kind of watch which has the legendary styles and quality. It is a brand set that offers luxury standards in the premier of elegant Jewelry for men

Looking for wedding anniversary gift? We offer both classic, traditional styles and unique, creative designs.

Tungsten Direct Wholesale is a leading distributor of high-quality Tungsten men’s watches.

Men’s Tungsten Watch For Anniversary

Black tungsten carbide has all of the strength of polished tungsten carbide. Black Carbide provides a unique modern elegance. Fine Jewelry

Wedding and Anniversaries

Tungsten Direct Wholesale offers the Highest Quality Men’s Carbide Products to a new public. A Beautiful Tungsten Jewel.

We offer both classic, traditional styles and unique, creative designs

It can only be scratched by diamonds. Your Perfect Wedding Watch.
The round shape or the circular metal ring is called the classic dome. The pipe cut shape is the classic flat tungsten rings and comes in different finishes such as polished, Florentine, and unique touch as dual finishes.

Black Carbide Wholesale

In that special moment is the best gift.

Black watches are usually crafted with a tungsten case which obtains that slick and black dial. 

It’s a natural symbol of professionalism and it ensures a movement that function during night and day.

Make that gift special, with the jewelry